Simple Christmas Decor

When we moved from Oregon to Utah, we PURGED. We went from living in a 1,740 sq. foot, two story, three bedroom, two and half bath house with a two car garage, to a 900 sq. foot two bed, two bath apartment. We got rid of as many things as possible, and are still finding things to donate or give away even now. Needless to say, a lot of my Christmas decor went the way of garage sales and Goodwill. I still decorate, but it’s much more scaled back these days than ever before. My style preference is simple and a bit rustic, but warm and colorful. I prefer lots of earth tones and reds in my decor, and while not all of it reflects that, well, I’m working with what I’ve got. We also invested in our first artificial tree this year. Shawn and I both most definitely prefer a real tree, but with a cat, a toddler, and three flights of stairs – we thought it wise to go with an artificial tree. We picked up a humble little tree from Target the day before Thanksgiving and only paid $14 for it! While I’m sad not to have my beautiful house and front porch to decorate anymore, I love the quiet touches and simplicity of our apartment decor. 


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