October Favorites

So, technically, it’s November now (WHAT?), but I wanted to share some of my favorite things, activities, memories, etc from the month of October! I did lots of yummy cooking and baking this month, lots of self care, had lots of sweet family time and really just enjoyed myself this month. It was so beautiful outside as well! Icing on the cake. I really love October – it’s truly my favorite month all year!

SO gorgeous!

SO gorgeous!

I’m really enjoying Frank’s new look on this season of How to Get Away with Murder. Oh, and I’m really enjoying THIS SEASON! It’s definitely picked up from last season and I get so giddy to watch a new episode each week! Any other HTGAWM fans out there? No spoilers!

We’ve spent a lot of sweet family time together this month, especially during the weekends. As most of you know, we celebrate Harry Poctober every year by watching two Harry Potter movies each weekend during the month of October, and I make yummy meals to go with the movies. A few of the meals I made this year were chili, homemade pizza, pot roast with veggies, chorizo stuffed jalapenos, lots of baked goods (get my banana bread recipe here) and so much more!

Fresh Strawberry Coffee Cake

Fresh Strawberry Coffee Cake

Besides celebrating Harry Poctober together, we’ve also gotten to explore Utah Valley more this past month; walking around downtown Provo, visiting Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch in Springville, and more. It’s been so fun taking little adventures together as a family!

Gorgeous, historic downtown Provo!

Gorgeous, historic downtown Provo!

I'll be doing a full, fun post on our experience at Jaker's soon! It's such a neat little place!

I’ll be doing a full, fun post on our experience at Jaker’s soon! It’s such a neat little place!

I’ve made sure to continue to make some time for self care this month, especially since I’ve been under the weather for a good part of the month. I’ve done mud masks, detox masks, gel eyes masks (YUM) and have LOVED them all. Andalou Naturals makes some of my very favorite mud masks, Miss Spa makes my favorite detox mask, and these Gel Eye masks from Que Bella Beauty are incredible!

As I said before, October is my very favorite month and I am so sad to see it go! I feel like the rest of the year just flies by once October has come and gone. But I have enjoyed every minute of it and have so cherished making memories with my sweet little family. I hope you all had a wonderful October and here’s to an amazing November!


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