I know, I know, everyone is sharing their goals and objectives for the new year. I considered just skipping over this post. But after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that while it seems we are inundated with articles and posts about 2016 goals, I still often find myself inspired by the aspirations of others.

So in the spirit of inspiration, I thought I’d briefly share my own.

Intentions for 2016:

  • Finances. Shawn and I are working very hard to pull ourselves out of a very sticky, very discouraging financial situation. Our intention for this year is to have the majority of our debt paid off and at the very least, manageable and under control. We will continue to be purposed and thoughtful with our spending; where we spend, how we spend, what we spend on.
  • Fewer Things, More Adventures! We have already simplified much of our life by purging our home of excess, moving into a smaller living space, etc. We want to use our valuable resources (time, energy, money) to experience new places, new people, new adventures as a family, rather than to accumulate more stuff.
  • Grow Stronger, Be Cleaner. Most people have some version of “healthier me” goal for each new year. And while I definitely agree that the pursuit of health is important, I wanted to give myself targets that are more attainable for my lifestyle. So rather than saying something like “I’M GOING TO LOSE FIFTY POUNDS BY MARCH!”, my intention for my own health is to grow stronger and be cleaner. I will continue to work hard in my yoga practice to build a stronger body and to do my best to fuel my system with foods that will nourish and not harm.
  • Steadfastness. I want to be more steadfast as wife and a mom. I want to be strong for my husband and daughter; gracious, kind, loving and supportive. I want to lengthen my fuse and deepen my patience.
  • Creative Endeavors. I have some really fun and exciting things lined up in my creative life for 2016! I’ll be able to elaborate more on that over the next couple of months. I want my passion to bleed into my projects and inspiration to seep through the cracks (because there will be cracks, no perfection here). I’d also like to become more creative in my kitchen. I cook for my family almost every day, and I tend to get into food ruts. So this year I plan to research fun and healthy recipes, new cooking techniques, and experiment with new ingredients.
  • Eat One Piece of Dark Chocolate Everyday: This one pretty much speaks for itself.

And lastly, my greatest intention for this year:

  • ALL THE GRACE. Have you noticed that I have used the word intention rather than goal in this article? I feel that intentions allow for so much more grace than the strictness often associated with goals. I want my life to overflow with grace. Grace for my friends, grace for my family, grace for acquaintances, grace for Utah drivers, and truthfully, mostly, grace for myself. The only way I will be able to make any progress in any of the intentions listed above is if I approach each one, each day, with an abundance of grace. I will fail at some point. I will lose my cool with Nora. I will skip a yoga practice. I will ignore my responsibilities. I will eat ice cream. This is where grace is strongest, this is where it shines brightest; the days when I am weak, the days when I am discouraged, the days when all I can do is cry, the days when I am just so human. Grace will rescue me.

I want to note that these goals and plans aren’t things I intend to keep confined to the year twenty sixteen. Oh no, these are things I want to implement, beginning in the year twenty sixteen and carry out throughout my life. These aren’t just monthly, weekly or daily goals. These are life ambitions.


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