A Quick Update

This post will be short and sweet since I’m still reeling from months of stress and weeks of nothing but waiting, helplessly.

As most of you know, about a month or so ago, I updated my facebook page saying “unless something changes in the next two weeks, our little tribe will be moving to Washington…” Well wouldn’t you know it, something changed. Because of course it did. I’ve never been more certain that God resides in the last minute. So anyway, in the midst of a summer of endless job searching, Shawn applied for a company in Provo, UT. They contacted him about four weeks ago, and over the course of three interviews and a two day stay in Provo to work with the team and get a feel for the company, Shawn has been offered a job with an amazing company, and we will be relocating to Utah this weekend!

I know it sounds quick, but it was a slow, painful wait these past four weeks. Timing is everything. Shawn and I are both very happy with the move and this new chapter ahead. (There’s a Chick Fil A in Provo, bless the Lord.)

So there’s the update! I hope to write some more once we’re there and settled.

P.S. I never did get that drastic haircut. Maybe someday.


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