Group Hug!

You guys are amazing. Seriously, wonderful.

I’ve been pretty open about my experiences as a new mom. I shared this post a week after Nora was born and earlier this week I let my heart bleed a little with this Instagram post, that I also shared on Facebook. I have to say, I was completely blown away with the response I got from sharing all the feelings, hormones and emotions that have downright tortured me these past six weeks.

I’ve heard from single women, married women, women without children, new moms, experienced moms, single moms, moms of one, moms of multiples, old friends, new friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and even old high school classmates.

I’ve received helpful suggestions, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, gifts, letters, cards, texts, phone calls, cups of coffee, impromptu lunch dates, facebook messages and care packages. Did I mention how amazing and wonderful you all are?

I have to say that the most special responses I’ve received, however, have been thank yous. Thank yous upon thank yous. So many of you have reached out and expressed appreciation for my openness and honesty about these struggles because it helped you feel less alone and isolated in your own struggles.

Your kind words and thoughtful gifts are so wonderful but they are icing on the cake. If my rants and raves and word vomit aka “sharing” can help even just one sweet soul to feel less alone, I’ll keep it up until my dying day because we belong to each other.

I love you all and I’m calling for a group hug! As my dear Glennon says, sister on!

A huge thank you from this weary momma. I'm smiling because she's asleep. Also the leopard print onesie. Also the neck rolls.

A huge thank you from this weary momma. I’m smiling because she’s asleep. Also the leopard print onesie. Also the neck rolls.


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