Sunday Grateful

Somedays I just have too much in my heart to express out loud and so it overflows onto the page. Today is one of those days.

When we moved away from OKC, Shawn and I took a much needed long term break from the church. It was and still remains one of the best decisions we’ve made.
In the last six months, we’ve begun easing back into a relationship with the church, treading lightly and very gingerly.

We have found such a wonderful place in Journey Church to transition back into. I’m so grateful to have found such a humble, genuine and unassuming house to be a part of and of the support we have received without pressure to show our faces every single week.

I’m grateful for the Sundays we (Shawn and I) decide to pull back, rest longer, and have life meetings with each other. The Lord used these times to check our hearts and remind us of this path He’s set before us.

He reminds us to tap into our own humility; He reminds us that the life He’s called us to is a life of freedom and joy and peace, not a life filled with possessions and the constant pursuit of whatever the Joneses have.

We fill these mornings with discussions about living a simpler life, overflowing with purpose. We talk endlessly about charity:water because we cannot get enough of it. We talk about our responsibility to do what we can to preserve our little section of this planet. We talk about teaching Nora to be kind above all. We talk about how nothing in this life is black and white except that love>fear.

I always feel such a satisfying reset of my heart on these mornings.

I love the Sundays we spend with our new family at Journey Church and I love the Sundays when we meet Jesus at Whole Foods over an almond milk latte and an almond croissant.



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