A Few Thoughts on Good Friday.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Good Friday this morning after seeing so many somber and sobering posts. This year I’m experiencing a much different Good Friday than I ever have in years past. Normally I’d be right there with most of you on the sober heart train, but this year, I can’t help but be joyful, even celebratory.


I was playing Jesus’ trial and crucifixion in my mind over and over, watching Him as they tormented, as they mocked, as they eviscerated His body. Not once did He check out, not once did he succumb to the lashes. He was awake and conscious for every excruciating second of it.

Jesus is kind of the ultimate badass, and not because of ego or because He had something to prove.
No, He took those beatings, I’m convinced He even welcomed them, because of love. Because of me.

He felt every shitty thing I have ever said or done or thought. He carried it. He bore every pain or brokenness or confusion or hate or hurt or sickness I would ever feel. He felt my mom’s cancer battle, even her death.

He swallowed my death in His own and He was and is forever VICTORIOUS. And in Him, because of His brutal death and sacrifice, I too am forever VICTORIOUS.

So no, today I don’t feel somber. Today I feel excited and alive because the battle is quick, sorrow only lasts so long. But the victory is ours forever.


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