Be Encouraged

One of the most important and impacting lessons I have learned in my twenty six years is to absolutely not get hung up on past poor decisions. We all have skeletons in our closets and we have all screwed up royally. Dwelling on those mistakes is a huge contributor to the hinderance of progress.

Growing up, my mother used to say something to me whenever I found myself frustrated or upset by something someone else said or did that was hurtful to me.

“Don’t let them rent space in your head.”

I have never forgotten that little wisdom loaded gem. If there was only one thing my mom taught me (believe me, there was so much more), it was the art of pulling myself up by my bootstraps, dusting myself off and moving forward. Although that phrase was often used in reference to an irritating situation, it definitely still applies here, to us as individuals.

So whether your goal is to get healthier, gossip less, budget better, love bigger or whatever the case may be, remember to cling to the grace soaked days ahead and fully let go of the flawed decisions of the years, months, days or even moments past.

Don’t let them rent space in your head.

Be Encouraged 2


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