Fire Everything!

I’ve been thinking again lately about the importance of really living. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and circumstances that we become almost blind to life. We forget what is real and true and worthy, and we pour all of our thoughts and time into temporal things or needless worry. We worry we won’t make “enough money”, or that we won’t have “nice things” or that we won’t find the “right job”. You would be amazed at how chasing the heart of the Creator, rather than desperately searching for shallow fulfillment will satisfy your soul. Don’t get me wrong, some individuals are called to those money making positions and prestigious careers. But if money and prestige are your primary desires, you will likely end up disappointed and empty.

We were all created with such intricate detail and unique purpose. We were created with dreams deep within our hearts; dreams meant to be realized for the betterment of not only ourselves, but for all of mankind. I fully believe that God put these dreams in our hearts so that He could enjoy the pleasure of making those dreams come to fruition in our lives. Pursuing the heart of God can become like a treasure hunt, and the further we bury ourselves in Him, the more gems and jewels we discover. Part of truly living is experiencing those dreams realized, isn’t it? I think so.

“I came so that they could have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


He aches for us to experience the life He came to the earth to give us. We weren’t designed to be self important. We were actually put together and wired to do life with others. Another very important key in truly living is opening your heart to others. Ignore the flaws, the idiosyncrasies, the selfishness, the imperfection, the cowardice and the ugly. We must love fully in order to live fully.

If we can focus on the beauty and wonderment of every day, discarding the worries of the world, we will begin to live fully.

If we can laugh with our whole body, love with our whole being, serve with our whole heart and learn with our whole soul, we will begin to live fully.

We must jump in with both feet, never looking back, never allowing the past to hold us captive.

Fire everything!



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