Five Years

Last week Shawn and I made plans for a date night. Nothing major, we just wanted to do something fun together, so we opted for dinner and a movie (Iron Man 3).

Yesterday, as I was excitedly telling a co-worker about our date night plans for that evening, it dawned on me that exactly five years ago, this very weekend, my husband I had gone on our first date. Not only that, but we had gone to the same cinema we had plans to visit and we saw the first Iron Man that same evening.

After I’d finished the conversation with my co-worker, I thought about how everything has come full circle in these last five years. I remember that night; our first date. Shawn and I had been spending time together up until that night and we had been out together before. But this night was a real date. In fact, it was the first real date I had ever been on (well, the first real date I had actually wanted to be on).

I distinctly remember going through a myriad of different feelings and emotions that night. I was excited, of course, to go out and to spend time with Shawn. I was nervous; we’d only known each other a few short months at that point. I went back and forth between being certain I would marry him one day and wondering if I would even know him much longer.

Well obviously we all know how the story ended. We have now been married for about a year and a half and we are crazy about each other. I mean ridiculous. He is my very best friend.

I think about our first date five years ago and how far we have come from that night. The ups and downs we had were enough to make even the most determined of folk call it quits. And don’t think we didn’t want to. It was Divine Providence that brought Shawn into my life, and my heart. It has been Unconditional Love and devotion that has kept him there. He loves me amidst my teary, non sensical bursts of emotion, my penchant for perfection (which ends up looking more like criticism) and the thousand other indiscretions I possess. I am grateful until my dying day and beyond that God allowed me to be able to spend my life with such an incredible soul.

Shawn makes my heart whole. He makes me laugh in the best way, he is so witty and well versed in so many things, he and I share a passion for film and storytelling. Shawn is incredibly intelligent, generous and not to mention dreamy. He is my life’s love. If this is what our love looks like after just five years, I can’t begin to imagine what lies ahead. I am all in.

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