Say Hello

It has been nearly a year since I was able to find words again. Honestly, I believe they were always there, resting safely inside my soul, but I never mustered the courage to awaken them. Why did I allow them to stay nestled and hidden? Oh, if I had to pinpoint one or two reasons, I’d say fear. Fear and a lack of healthy confidence are what kept my gifting oppressed and silent.

Undoubtedly we have all experienced moments, even seasons, of unrelenting doubt. We find ourselves filled with unbelief and cynicism and for whatever reason we often allow it to rot our souls. Fear, doubt, insecurity and the like are so very poisonous and seductive. It is much easier to hide comfortably in a hole of self doubt and deprecation than to boldly introduce our raw, true selves to the world. We feel we will just spare the world our idiosyncrasies; the little nuances that make us individuals, for fear of rejection or criticism. In reality, we are robbing the world of something so beautiful and magnificent that we have to offer.

Don’t stick yourself in a cardboard box. I promise you, you will forget to cut out air holes. Your heart and creativity will suffocate. Bust out of that box and burn it behind you. Explore the dreams you have been keeping tucked away. Glean wisdom and inspiration from like minded folk. Purge yourself of insecurity and doubt. Allow yourself to blossom. Replace that lack of confidence with overwhelming courage.

Be bold. Be colorful. Be love, life and art.

Introduce your true heart to the world. It will be so glad you said hello.




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