The dreams and the visions, the pictures, the colors and the adventures all dance in my mind; swirling and singing so joyously that I almost don’t realize I’m beginning to feel a tad feverish. I’m rudely dismissed from my soul’s lullabies by the harsh light of the computer screen in front of my face and the piles of papers cluttering the spanse of the desk I currently occupy.

           At the moment, I play the part of an Accounts Payable Rep. for a small oil and gas company in Oklahoma City. How I ended up working with numbers on an almost daily basis is completely beyond me. (I much prefer words.) To describe my daily tasks as lackluster would be a grand understatement. However, I refuse to get stuck on where I sit today. I am much more concerned with (excited by, delighted by) where I am headed. My soul has been re-awakened to the glorious adventure that is undoubtedly just ahead. Hope and whimsy fill my spirit once again.

           So, I take a few deep breaths, a few sips of mint green tea and I steady the course.


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