Let Life Draw You Closer

O Lord, You are our Father. We are the clay, You are the potter; we are all the work of Your Hand.  — Isaiah 64:8

Well, as some of you may already know, Shawn and I recently returned from our honeymoon in New York City! Although we didn’t do quite as much relaxing as we probably should have (there’s SO MUCH city to see!), we had such a great time trekking through the city and sightseeing together. We explored SoHo, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Ground Zero, the Hudson River,  Times Square, Uptown, Midtown and Downtown, and so much more. We visited the NYSE, World Financial Center, Trinity Church, The American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Carnegie Deli, Madam Tussaud’s, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Herald Square, Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and so many other things I can’t even list them all. We really had such a wonderful time together.    


Unfortunately, the thing about honeymoons is that they inevitably come to an end. Yesterday was our first day back home. We were met with a cluttered apartment filled with tasks at hand, a cracked wheel on Shawn’s car which resulted in the need for a whole new set of wheels and tires for the vehicle, piles of laundry, tons of errands and bills to be paid, as well as everything we were still paying off for our reception. Needless to say it was overwhelming. We had such a strange, stressful day yesterday. Being aggravated with chores, reminded that we are back to the tightest budget either of us has ever known, knowing Shawn would have to return to work today which was just another reminder that the honeymoon was over, along with mixed emotions we’d been having about our wedding reception. I realize these are all first world problems, and always remind ourselves how truly blessed we really are. But the reality of it all began to sink in, and for the first time since November, we both admitted that being married is hard.

At the end of the day, as we both finally had a chance to sit down and relax a bit, I remembered a sweet book my father gave us as a gift at my bridal shower. The book is called Married for Life: Inspirations from those married 50 years or more. I began to flip through the pages and I came upon one that really tugged at my heart. I shared it with my husband and we were both humbled and very blessed by it’s message.

Let Life’s Experiences Draw You Closer Together

Herman & Mary Sue Davis

Married: October 5, 1943

Greenville, South Carolina

Herman and Mary Sue sat next to each other in high school band. “I played sax; she played flute–and we shared a music stand!” says Herman. Today they share many things, such as working together to compile the family genealogy.

When shaping a vessel, potters exert equal pressure with their hands on both the outside and the inside of the clay to prevent it from collapsing. After the clay dries, it is glazed and the placed in a fiery kiln. The intense heat perfects the clay by removing blemishes, strengthening it, and enhancing the paint colors. The once we piece of clay is finally transformed into a beautiful and useful piece of pottery. Marriage can be viewed as a similar work in progress. Like the clay, you and your spouse will constantly face various pressures from life — job changes, financial stress, parenting responsibilities, and the list goes on. To prevent your marriage from collapsing, you must respond to any external pressure with the internal pressure of a powerful relationship with the living God.

Just as clay is fired in a kiln, so will your marriage go through periods of intense heat. But remember that your Heavenly Father is using these times to remove imperfections in your relationship and make it stronger and more beautiful. Face the difficult times together, and let the Lord mold and perfect your marriage, lifting you to higher levels of intimacy with each other and with Him.

— Bill Morelan

I love what that says, and I love that the Lord allowed me to find it as just that time last night. I know I have a tendency to withdraw when circumstances begin to weigh so heavy. It’s crucial that we lean on the Lord during those times, and let the pressure nudge us closer to Him and to our spouse, rather than push us apart.

And my humble little piece of advice? Never stop holding hands.



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