A Loss for Words


I sat down with the itch to write, yet no words came! Quite frustrating. I tend to prefer my blournal entries to be tied up in a neat little package of a life lesson or encouraging thought of some sort. And yet, as I sit and type…nothing. My mind is a vast emptiness. I hear the sounds of the gruff threats of Skyrim coming from the living room as my husband feeds his addiction. I smell the faint scent of citrus from the orange I consumed earlier, mixed with the fragrant cinnamon stick tea I have steeping next to me. And what do I see? I see words being typed onto this screen and haven’t the foggiest idea where they’re taking me. AHA! The proverbial light bulb switches on and breaks through the desert of darkness in my brain.

I was reading in Luke today as part of my “The Bible in a Year” devotional I set up through youversion at the first of the year and  a portion of scripture caught my attention. “…and they were astonished at His teaching, for His word possessed authority.” –Luke 4:32 

This particular verse is referring to Jesus giving the religious leaders the what-for in response to their accusations toward Him of dreadful things. Of course at first read you might think to yourself “Well of course they were astonished. It was Jesus. Of course His word has authority.” That same thought flitted through my mind also, followed by a tasty morsel of revelation. Jesus has given ME (and you) that same authority! Because we belong to Him, His authority belongs to us. We can astonish the world. We can banish the enemy. We can bring the truth and the glory and the sweetest love to our moment. That right, that authority, is ours for the taking.

Something else I realized as I pondered that verse was that Jesus’ authority wasn’t contained to just the words coming out of His mouth. His authority lied also in His presence and His actions.

One of our dear friends, Nathan, who was in fact also the man that married my husband and I, spoke this morning in church about being a character in someone else’s story. It was such a fantastic and powerful word as he encouraged us to lose sight of ourselves and make our entire existence about pouring into the lives of other people. Sometimes we don’t even realize the impact we have on others by simply making ourselves available to them in times of need. The “mission statement” if you will, that Shawn and I felt the Lord gave to us for our marriage is Open Hands, Open Hearts, Open Home. We want to be a refuge, a safe haven, a source of joy, a place of warmth, love, food, and even money to anyone that needs it. We have the authority to expand the Kingdom through our actions; through our presence. “I will bless you…and make you a blessing to others.” –Genesis 12:2

So even when you find yourself at a complete loss for words, remember the authority we have been given through the blood of Jesus, to change every circumstance for the better with our actions and simply our presence. There is no escaping this one baby. You were made to be a world changer.


p.s. Totally un-related (or is it?), I have completed the first week of my 40 day sugar fast! Woo hoo! The longer I go without my precious sweet treats, the more I realize how little I actually need them to survive, despite my being convinced otherwise about 2 weeks ago. I’m starting to think the Lord has granted me special authority over those sugary devils…


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